headerAriadne Gaia  is a charity organization since 1989, when her spirit was birthed into manifestation.

Our co-founders, Maria Szepes and her bother, W.Charon and Magda Sínai (together with their disciple, Agota Eva Ruzsa) have been dedicated to the art of inner sciences in the New Eon to unfold. Agota Ruzsa invited her mentor guides to become the co-founders of an NGO tax-exempt charity that is to welcome the dawning of a conscious, mindful and compassionate new humanity.
Ariadne is the symbol for process based awareness, the feminine energy that is to be developed and elaborated on so that Gaia may be rebirthed and reunited from the labyrinth that we seem to have been lost in. A renewed balance between the feminine and the masculine in an awareness of the oneness is to be born and we are dedicated to contribute to this birthing process.

Agota Éva Ruzsa since 1975 when she met the – then – still hidden circle of non-denominational spirituality of so called esoteric knowledge-keepers in 1986 came across an eye-opening personal awareness development process, called awareness based co-counselling which lead her to a conscious realisation about the depth of inner awareness along-side the knowledge held all through the ages, called the Ancients wisdom. Then in 1988 she stayed in the UK and studied co-counselling, assertiveness, counselling skills and all rounded participative facilitation of community development, etc. at the – then called – Human Potential Research Group of The Psycho-Educational Department at the University of Surrey, established by John Heron. Many of the programs have grown out of this shift and unfoldment in her life. She also contacted some of the most inspiring eco-spiritual movements, such as The Emissaries, The Findhorn Foundation, The Gaia House, psychosynthesis, transpersonal psychology, the buds and seeds of the Schumacher College, development of intentional communities, The Lucis Trust and the Ancient Wisdom, etc.
They all lead up to the transformative times of the late 80-s and early 90-s in the world, and more specifically in Europe. Thus in

1989 she initiated the birth of two foundation, one for the societal development of CoCounselling, the other for the meeting of the Inner and the Outer, the Above and the Below: Ariadne Gaia Foundation. She was registered in the Hungarian Court as a tax-exempt charity in 1990, January.

We, co-founders also envisaged the unification of the divide between East and West both in Europe and in the life of Gaia, symbolic of the divide of our brain as well. In the 90-s we served to bridge a divide in mindsets, to reconnect East and West and to unite the inner and the outer, the sky and the earth by generating several programs with groups that came to know and understand holistic and vibrational processes that seem to serve as foundational in support of our vision to come true.

We welcomed some key lecturers and inspirational programs with some partners and organisations.

Some of our Partner organisations we have worked with, are
Le Plan Healing School, The Emissaries, Findhorn, Schumacher College, Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies, Lucis Trust,
The World café, CCI, etc.
Many of these exchanges and programs were supported by Lorna St Aubyn. We do feel grateful for her trust and support.

She also supported the visit and the outreach of some key lecturers, thus we could organise events in some areas where we were at the leading edge in Hungary:

Assertiveness training with Anne Dickson, a most important person in assertiveness in the UK
CoCounselling and counselling skills with Mary Corr, co-counselling ( and John Heron in the earlier years)
Open lectures on NDE and the intro of the work and impact of Beinsa Douno with David Lorimer, Director of Scientific and Medical Network, NDE expert
Vibrational healing and Holistic Education based on metaphysics with Gillian R Wright, holistic healer and metaphysical educator (vibrational medicine, holistic-metaphysical mindset in education and life)
Bach flower essences with Gill Wright and Julian Bernard, first in Hungary who did inspire the whole movement and the preparation of the Flowers Essences in Hungary.
Gill has been coming to us and has become an “adopted” Hungarian since 1990.
Transpersonal understanding and practice of shamanic counselling and healing with Jonatahan Horwitz,
Deep – beyond conflict and resistance – Dialogue of David Bohm and all participative approaches following the direct teachings of Juanita Brown, David Isaacs,

Apart from the foreign connections, Agota Ruzsa and Magda Rohanszky, developed many psycho-social programs for health and educational practitioners and had the grace to offer them in many settings all around the country. Vibrational awarenes+attunement based communication, personal development and eco-spiritual holistic practices.

We also operated as a seedling, “incubator” for many new initiatives that have grown and moved on in their own unique identity:
The shamanic and also the transpersonal studies and practices in psychology and personal awakening
Vibrational medicine and holistic approach
Bach Flower remedies
CoCounselling community (www.cocohungary.com)
Core assertiveness and Effective communication
Bohmean dialogue and the cultivation of collective consciousness (www.dialogos.hu)

We also developed two major branches that have gained strength and impact in our society:

In the Healing field Magda Rohanszky initiated and developed a beautiful project and institution of integrative psycho-social rehabilitaton, called Firebird Foundation for the Quality of Life and it has been serving thousands of cancer patients in their needs since 2005.
In the organisational, societal awakening field Agota Ruzsa initiated and co-created with friends and colleagues an other NGO, called Learning Organizations for Sustainability, SoL Hungary which focuses on developing and teaching the concept and mindset based on the desciplines of learning organisations, presencing and collective consciousness in organisational and educational and community development so that changes in mindset and the structure may prevent unnecessary stress and trauma in society and thus opens the gate to a new potentiality of compassionate and mindful society.

Beyond and behind all these new but external, exoteric processes we have had the understanding and cultivation of the ‘occult’, the subtle, non-visible reality that is essential for our expanded awareness and can be accessed by studying and practicing the subtle realm of reality.

Some core projects in the new

Healing into Wholeness: Societal Reconciliation towards Thriving
Due to the very hectic and hard earned history of Hungary with many wounds and traumas that we could not resolve in the course of time the societal tapestry of our nation is very fragile. The desire to move on and co-create a more balanced, less conflicting and eroding society is really great. There are many initiatives to help it come back to balance, healing and revival. Our project also serves this purpose in the past 7 years. You can read much more about it here: www.wisdomweavers.org

Charon Intézet: The School of Ageless Wisdom.
Agota has encountered a few amazing people and schools introduced to us where we could have the opportunity to study and practice both Tradition (Katalin Kemeny and through her, Bela Hamvas) and New Science and Transpersonal reality
SEEDS sewn
Maria Szepes-Viktor Charon were the very first one to sow the seeds with some other people in the Hungarian Tradition school.
We were also introduced to the teachings of Beinsa Douno, the great Bulgarian teacher.
Rudolf Steiner used to be very popular in Hungary before the war and now also since the change in 1990.
Gillian Wright has been running groups with us based on AAB’s teachings and the Ageless Wisdom since 1990, her first visit to Hungary. Apart from her groups of 2-3 years of learning, we have had shorter and so called taster courses. By now we have an ongoing meditation seed group and study groups as well as regular open meditation at Full Moon, mostly online.
Since 2021 we have initiated a core group to connect with the Soul of the Nation and this group creates a vibrational vessel for other projects related to collective healing of the Nation into Wholeness, with some special focus.
We also contribute to the publication of two AAB books: White Magic, and From Intellect to Intuition, and have a few other already translated and for publication we created the book-fund so that we may continue to make these writings available in our native tongue.
We also intend to make the Charon Heritage available accordingly of the resources we have in the book-fund.

In the past 100 years there has been a major spiritual revival and impact in spirituality, social awareness and science. Thus our new initiative with partnering organisations is the establishment of
MR College: a genuine space to bring these three aspects of life: learning-healing and leading under the same core understanding of the Inner and Outer Sciences, trans-personal and community development and practice towards the service of wholeness.

Now is the time for us to reunite again and strengthen the threads of regenerative practices so that Inner Paths of Leading and Learning and Healing may complement one another in the vibrant etheric web of Life through our three initiatives: Charon Intezet, SoL Intézet and Tuzmadar Intézet.

Collegio means to connect, bind together.
MR is short for Master Rakoczy (and also our companion ont this journey, Magda Rohanszky, and also Magyar (Hungarian) Revival and Regeneration). Thus, we intend to connect to many cultures, peoples and countries who also express and thrive and strive for the new civilization in the heart of Europe. May our programs bring and connect together so many of us who have been living and learning and working in the region which we love and serve with all our heart.

Of course all the work we have been doing relentlessly have been made possible by many contributing and volunteering co-workers who – at times – have also taken institutional responsabilty. Just to mention a few, I call first Magda Rohanszky, Judit Szentirmai, Edit Harasztovich, Klara Hajnal, Geza Banyay, etc. Deep appreciation and thanks to their dedication and support.

Our new Board of trustees is ready and dedicated to a continuation of this good work. We ARE open to partnership, re-connection with like minded organisations, individuals and groups.

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