Holistic Learning Center

HLC, Bpest  is a learning center for individuals, teams and organizations, communities and social entrepreneurs.  learning for what? It offers spaces and opportunities for people who wish or can pursue their learning desire in English.

Our programmes are designed and organized and sponsored by a few collaborators and strategic partners, such as SoL Institute, Ariadne Gaia Foundation, Tűzmadár-Phoenix Body-Mind center, etc.

We offer courses and self- and community learning, development opprtunities in Budapest downtown, in the residential area, close to the American School, in Remeteszőlős, and also ocassionally in Abrahamhegy, at Lake Balaton.

Upcoming events:

Personal information:  ariadnegaia@gmail.com

We would like to invite you to these events that we are offering for personal and professional development for coaches, facilitators, people in personal, team and community development…

I. The WORK–Relationships
Tamara Alferoff is an accredited The Work facilitator and a TP therapist with an amazing experience of a wide range in the past 30 years. Her work is dynamic, direct, energetic and clear—deep and heartfelt.
Hosting organizations in Budapest are: SoL Institute  and Ariadne gaia Foundation
Join us if you wish so…
More information on The Work-Relationship workshops you may find: 
May 31st One day intensive

Blow Your Mind—Transform Your World:  http://www.thework.com/events-cf.php?ecfid=928

 June 1 & 2nd 

Relationships—Heaven or Hell?   http://www.thework.com/events-cf.php?ecfid=927

II. Art of Hosting along the Danube: DunaVisionForum, Budapest, Hungary
June 14-15-16th, 2013, Forum and worskshops…see details unfolding on homapage: www.dunavision.eu 
Hoping to welcome you here.

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