People drawn to our programmes were mostly of helping professions such as

  •  Teachers, healers, medical doctors, psychologists, social workers, youth workers
  • Women groups

 With a focus on

  • both professional  and
  • personal/transpersonal development with a holistic awareness

We have given birth and a nest for quite a few budding initiatives and internationally connected communities, ie.

Co-counselling International

Emissary International

SchumacherCollege  connections from Hungary

Women assertiveness with A.Dickson

International Women Dialogue,

SOL Hungary – with The Club of Budapest

Shiatsu Foundation

NLP Foundation

Lucis Trust-World Goodwill network

Association of Transpersonal Psychology – Beata Bishop,with The Source of Health Foundation

Newly introduced methods in our bridging work

Bach Flower therapy – 1st book on the theme published by us

Metaphisycs as a way to holistic understanding-Gill Wright

Shamanic psychology – Jonathan. Horowitz

Our work had a project focus in cooperation some related organizations at home as well as abroad, such as

Schumacher College, Emissary International, Le Plan healing School, Shamanic center in Denmark,

The 7 ray metaphysics

the teachings of A.A.Bailey – by the 20 year long teachings of Gill R. Wright
the activities of the World Goodwill and the Triangles of the Lucis Trust

 FIREBIRDTűzmadár Foundation also started her activities under the scope of AGA by Magda Rohanszky

It aims at offering learning experiences of raised awareness at times of crises , of turning points when we  are given the opportunity for transformation.

More specifically it focuses on people of cancer rehabilitation and their family and relations so that they may provide a transit for the next step and phase in life.

COLLEGIUM PEREGRINUS-Education for Sustainable Leadership  

Both these programmes and dialogues have a focus of the meeting point of the wisdom expressed in the TRADITION as well as the principles outlined in the New Sciences and Learning Societies. Main Action points are outlined in imperatives SD urges us to act now.

3., ESD Teacher training curriculum, under development in the above theme

4., Long lasting goal: to set up a network of Schools for Sustainable Learning, where we hope to provide an experiential model, with traditions of our quality education of a more academic focus aligned with project and action oriented experiential learning programmes in a newly developed curriculum, where systemic interconnectedness and eco-spiritual awreness becomes the guiding rod for developing school curricula.

5., Camelot: Young leaders interdisciplinary forum, where we offer learning moduls in areas of holistic understanding, systems thinking, basics of sustainability, learning organizations, personal awareness, which all can lead them into a deeper understanding of what their personal responsibility may be in their own field of work in respect to sustainable development and knowledge society.

SOL Institute   

It is a fractal unit of the Global SoL Network, set up and initiated by Peter Senget  / first at MIT, Center for Organizational Learning, and later furthered by all fractal members. Since then it has been rapidly developing all over the world whith a mission to facilitate organisational transformation with tools and methods developed  and practiced mostly by learning organizations all over the world..

1., Sustainability at business – workshop offers

2., Core competency needed for a learning organizations: the five disciplines

3., Systems Dynamics – basics and action plans in cooperation with SOL Austria

4., Dialogue:Developing the Art of Collective Intelligence

5., Annual conferences on


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