We realize that work needs to be deepened AND widened in order to facilitate real transformation both in the individual and the societal level.

Thus, we aim at bringing learnings from our spiritual Traditions into the context of our European scientific understanding that has brought us to the realization of our state on our planet from a point of individual and organizational responsibilitythat needs to be  based on the full understanding of the ethics of interconnectedness, and supported by a deep work on the personal as well as on the educational, civil  and business sphere of society.


7 Ray learning center

 Goodwill Center

 Collegium Peregrinus

7 Ray-Goodwill Network

Our foundation has provided a learning opportunity since 1991 for a seed group of ca. 40 people altogether, who were being instructed by Gillian Wright ( UK ) into the concepts of holistic understanding, metaphisycal overview and .vibrational medicine. Some of  these people have been carrying on this knowledge and offer a wider scope of understanding either inhealing, medical practices , education or media, as well as in other ordinary aspects of their life.  Now we initiated a network of practitioners who work for the good of this mind set in the following groups:

  • Publications, translations and a newsletter – coordinated by Sarolta Fallier(& A. Ruzsa)
  • A.A. Bailey learning circle – a dialogue group on questiones that we hold in our consciousness – coordinated by A Ruzsa & Gyorgy Varkonyi
  • Full moon meditation – coordinated by Katalin Czippan
  • Supervision for teachers of metaphisiycs – coordinated by A. Ruzsa & Gill Wright
  •  Metaphisycs and transpersonal psychology – coordinated by Maria Angster &  A. Ruzsa

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