Duna Partners

We are in the process to develop a more cohesive and enhancing partnership among all those initiatives and organizations which share a common spirit and purpose for the emergence and re-awakening of the DunaSipirit into her full potential.

So far

  • Slovenia shares the harvests of S.O.S.= Strength of Slovenia…inquiry gathering on 15-16th August, Statenberg.
  • SoL Hu on the DunaDialogues and DunaCollegium and
  • DunaSpirit- holistic learning center
  • The International Partnership for Transformative Learning
  • Plenum-Pioneers of Change on their mudular event and their new vision..
  • SoL Hu and Plenum on our experiences in the Changemakers Festival.
  • DunaVision and their Caravan of Change,2012
  • Danube Convergence,2013 in Roumania

2013 DunaSpirit Learning gathering is

on the 15-16th November, Budapest, H13

INVITATION2013 a részletes meghívó.

A rendezvényre pedig itt lehet jelentkezni. 

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